Managing your finances well is the hallmark of a good business; working with Safeguard Property Options LLC is an investment - not an expense.

What are your management fees?

Unlike other property management companies, we only have one monthly fee. Each unit is $50 per month and each single family residence is $100, regardless of occupancy status.

Fees we do not charge:

How are maintenance costs covered

The property owner is responsible for all maintenance costs for their property. As the manager of your property, we dispatch our own competent and trained maintenance crew instead of hiring out third-party vendors, saving you time and money. These costs are then deducted out of the monthly rents.

Additionally, we require the owner to build a $500 reserve account for emergency repairs. This reserve account can be set up at initial startup or through monthly installments out of the monthly rents. Should there ever be a situation where immediate repairs are required due to an emergency, this reserve account can be used.


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